Company Profile

Our Story

Biotechnology Medical Services (BMS) is specialized in the supply of Laboratory, Hospital and Medical equipment from reputable American, European and Canadian suppliers, namely in Blood Banking, Microplate Technology, Industrial Microbiology and Controlled Environment.

Its origins date back to 1991, when George Bourjaily (President & Founder), a Biomedical Engineer with over 30 years of experience, wanted to provide a simple and cost efficient solution for the supply of Biomedical products.

BMS is a family-run entity and prides itself in providing personalized assistance along with incomparable global Biomedical Solutions in its markets.

Biotechnology Solutions

Along with the supply and delivery of the capital equipment, we ensure to provide sales, marketing, after-sale, service support and stocking distribution to our customers and end-users via our specialized network of local dealers.


Our Network

With offices in Spain, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt and Canada, BMS covers markets in over 60 countries mainly in the Middle-East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent.


Mission, Vision and Values


We aspire to be the best solution provider of laboratory and blood bank equipment in each of our markets, in the Middle-East and Africa region.


We continuously strive to bring care to healthcare by supporting our trusted network of local dealers and provide them with premium products with the latest technology. In line with the dream of being a part of something bigger, we are dedicated to help medical centers, blood banks, hospitals and laboratories to grant the best diagnostics and treatment equipment.

We aim to be a partner, devoting all needed resources in order to solve any matters in the shortest time possible, while upholding ethics and preserving integrity.  We believe that we can only grow alongside with our local ambassadors by promoting relationships based on loyalty and trust.

¨Bringing Care to Healthcare¨