The Combined Refrigerators-Freezers are an ideal solution for laboratories requiring items with a small footprint.

The refrigerator compartment can be equipped with either a solid or glass door and is located on the upper part of the appliance for single door models or on the right side of double door models. The temperature can be set from 2 ºC to 12 ºC and is supplied with stainless steel adjustable shelves.

The freezer is located on the bottom part of the appliance or on the left side of double door models and is fitted with a solid door as well as stainless steel drawers. The temperature range can be programmed from -10 ºC to -30 ºC.

The exterior structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, while the interior is made of Scotch-Brite stainless steel. The LED lighting, with auto-on feature as well as an ON/OFF switch, saves up to 70% of energy and the self-closing doors are set up with a door lock with a key.

Both compartments are operated via a microprocessor controller, with easy to read digital displays showing the inside temperature. It includes a range of visual and acoustic alarms such as high and low temperature, door ajar, condenser efficiency, damaged probes, power failure and low battery, to guarantee the safety of all preserved specimens.

Furthermore, it records temperatures and alarms for a time span of 30 days, which can be also downloaded through a USB port.

The appliances are available in three different sizes and configurations, featuring a variety of optional accessories including 7-day dual chart recorders.

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