Quality Policy

The Management of BIOTECHNOLOGY MEDICAL SERVICES K EUROPE S.L. and BIO MED CONSULTING S.L., in their efforts to secure the highest quality product, latest technology and best customer support daily, for:


“The distribution of equipments and instruments intended for education, clinical testing, medical research, research and diagnosis, intended for ultimate use in universities, laboratories, hospitals, medical vehicles, mobile clinics and blood banks.”


Hereby establish the below Quality Policy, supported by its Strategic Management and based on the:


We aspire to be the best solution provider for laboratory, hospital and blood bank equipment in each of our markets, in the Middle-East and Africa regions.


We strive to bring care to healthcare by supporting our trusted network of qualified local dealers, by providing them with premium products with the latest technology. In line with the dream of being a part of something bigger, we are dedicated to help medical centers, blood banks, hospitals and laboratories to grant the best diagnostics and treatment equipment.

We aim to be a partner, by devoting all needed resources, to our customers, suppliers, forwarders, employees, and ultimately the patients, to resolve all matters in the shortest time possible, while upholding ethics and preserving integrity.  We believe that we can only grow alongside with our local ambassadors by promoting social and environment responsibility, and relationships based on loyalty and trust


Be sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders, and commit to a solution driven approach, customizing solutions for a fair, ethical, highly knowledgeable, implementable and timely resolution for all our stakeholders.


The Quality Policy of BIOTECHNOLOGY MEDICAL SERVICES K EUROPE S.L. and BIO MED CONSULTING S.L., and in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 norm, is committed to the following principles:


Compliance to the requirements of the Management System and related requirements applicable to our industry / activity (regulatory and legal requirements, requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001 norm, contractual and/or other applicable requirements)


Commitment to continuous improvement of the Management System


Commitment to efficient controls for all processes and their effects on the quality of our service, emphasizing:


Customer Relations 

Quality of the Product offering and the Solutions offered by the organization

Utmost sensitivity, adaptability and responsiveness, to our stakeholder needs 

Customized support and guidance per project.

Exceeding expectations regarding delivery times


Commitment to clearly define the Quality Policy of our organization, ensuring the knowledge, understanding and application thereof, by the organization's personnel.

Guarantee a stringent control of purchases and suppliers to ensure a portfolio of products the highest quality.

Commitment to promote involvement and awareness of the personnel through the continuous training of employees, for the personnel to have genuine buy-in in the principle that "Quality is important for Everyone".


Madrid, November 4, 2019

Ms. Zeina Bourjeili