Balance-shakers Blood Bags
  • Type of mixing: Linear with central support / 3D Mixing - 12° angle 20 RPM
  • Weighing range: 0-990ml
  • Alarm type: Automatic low and high flow alarm, adjustable
  • Adjustable maximum donation time: Up to 20 minutes
  • Protocols: Up to 20 different working programs
  • Built-in memory: More than 1000 collection procedure data
  • Data connectivity: LAN / WIFI / USB port
  • Calibration mass 500 g: Optional
  • Removable - rechargeable battery pack: Optional
  • External battery charger: Optional
  • Memory card: Optional
  • Barcode reader: Optional
  • Battery backup: Optional
  • Interface: User friendly

These Blood collection monitor systems are a combination of a balance shaker and mixer for blood bags. It accepts all kinds of blood donor bags and the 3D mixing system guarantees optimal mixing of blood.The HEMOMIX 3 is one of the most advanced blood bag collection monitors. The built-in high-contrast graphics back-lit display, is optimal to show the target and actual volume, the blood flow, collection time and status bar.You can select among the 4 customizable volume pre-sets and 20 different working programs, with the added possibility of custom defining more workflow and process parameters. The option to add LAN or WIFI data connectivity makes the HEMOMIX 3 even more appealing. Slots for SD cards and USB memory sticks are available, and memory cartridges are optional.The multicolour light indicator allows a 360° display for both operators and donors to track the process. The optional removable and rechargeable battery pack can power the mixer for up to 70 donations, allowing you to work off-site as needed.The HEMOTEK 2 is an accurate electronic blood collection monitor, designed to manage any blood donations. It is compact and equipped with a linear mixing system that always guarantees excellent mixing blood with the anticoagulant.All models retain the following functionalities: automatic clamping at the end of the donation, adjustable low-high flow alarms and time out donation.