Blood Donation Chairs


  • Electronic / Manual adjustments: Backrest, leg rest, footrest, headrest / armrest
  • Positions: Entry, Bed, Trendelenburg
  • Seat height: Fixed, 65 cm (Motorized) / Adjustable (Non-Motorized)
  • Base: Dual swivel locking casters (Motorized) / Fixed with manual pedal (Non-Motorized)
  • Maximum patient weight: 200 kg
  • Smart device: USB charging port (Motorized)
  • Plastic edge protector for armrest : Included (Motorized)
  • Upholstery: Up to 40 colour combinations / Flame retardant artificial leather
  • 3D shape upholstery design: Optional
  • Rechargeable battery back-up: Optional
  • Infusion bottle holder with height adjustment: Optional
  • Emergency stop button unit: Optional
  • Headrest pillow: Optional


  • Manual adjustments: Backrest, leg rest, headrest / armrest
  • Positions: 4 positions lounge
  • Lounge structure: 1 armrest, 1 headrest and seat cushion
  • Maximum patient weight: 159 kg
  • Upholstery: Flame retardant and high strength textile
  • Upholstery maintenance: Removable for cleaning, repair, or replacement
  • Hinges: Stainless steel with bronze connecting screws
  • Transport trolley: Optional
  • Second Armrest: Optional

Our Blood Donation Chairs, also referred to as Blood Therapy Chairs are available in three main types: (1) the portable blood donation chair, ideal for temporary sites or for frequent movement within the site, (2) the motorized blood donor chair, that allows you to adjust the chair into different positions thanks to electronically controlled motor(s) and (3) the non-motorized blood donor chair, which is intended to be used in fixed location, adjustments to the position the patient is done manually to different modules of the chair (back, legs, neck, etc.).

The portable blood donation chair can be purchased with a transport cart, to move many chairs at once. The motorized or electric blood donation chairs can be equipped with 2, 3 or 4 motors in different articulating positions of the motorized donor lounge on the panels of the back, legs, or neck. Our electric blood donation chairs are built with adjustable armrests, lockable castors and a handset which simplifies the chair´s movement and positions, allowing to reach the Trendelenburg position in case of emergency. All of our blood donation chairs can have the upholstery customized to match your laboratory and with and many optional accessories, which make them highly ergonomic for the patient as well as the nurse.