Microplate Pipetting Systems
  • Volume range: 0.5 μL to 20 μL, 2 μL to 220 μL
  • Performance: Pipetting of 96- well microplates in 10 seconds and 384- well microplates in 1 minute
  • Robotic system: Fully automated, designed to simplify with accuracy multiple dispensing of microplates
  • Channel(s): Multi-channel, motorized pipettes
  • Type: Adjustable volume
  • Design: Compact and ergonomic, saving space in a laboratory
  • Cost savings: The system saves technician’s time, money and resources in the lab
  • Human error: Low
  • Accessories available: Adapters for loading 384-well plates, reagent reservoirs or sample heater blocks

This automated bench top microplate pipetting system is the right solution for your lab, if you have a high-throughput of manual pipetting of 96- well microplates and 384-well microplates. With its 96-channel dispensing design, it greatly reduces the number of pipetting steps required to fill a microplate, filling a 96-well plate can be achieved in approx. 10-20 seconds, while filling a 384-well plate can be filled in under 60 seconds. You can configure your PLATEMASTER microplate pipetting system to either dispense volumes from 0.5 µL to 20 µL or 2 µL to 220 µL.The PLATEMASTER is intuitive and does not require programming nor long and tedious trainings. It reduces the risk of human error, with the same dispensing precision of an 8- or 12-channel pipette, and can be customized with variety of accessories to fit your application needs.