Pass-thru Refrigerators
  • Capacity: 750 L – 1642 L
  • Temperature: 2 ºC to 10 ºC
  • Interior construction: Stainless steel / Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Exterior construction: Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Interior structure: Solid stainless steel two-way drawers and adjustable full-size shelves
  • Base: Dual swivel locking casters
  • Defrosting: Automatic
  • Data connectivity: USB port / LAN port / GSM module
  • Door(s): Single or Double / Glass or Solid
  • Door lock: Key / PIN access
  • Lighting: LED (energy saving)
  • Temperature chart recorder: Optional
  • Battery backup: Optional

Our pass through Pharmacy Refrigerators and pass through Blood Bank Refrigerators can accommodate special requirements thanks to their unique design and two-sided access.These pass through fridges includes single and double door models, all equipped with self-closing, dual-pane glass door(s) with magnetic closure, which eliminates the probability of broken door latches. The interior and exterior structures are made of a bacteria-resistant powder coated finishing with the option of upgrading the interior chamber to stainless steel. Our pass through refrigerators are equipped with an adjustable, energy-saving LED lighting with auto-on feature as well as an ON/OFF switch. Their powerful refrigeration system provides maximum temperature uniformity and quick recovery.You can also select between two monitoring systems, namely the i-Series and the Horizon Series.The i-Series’ controller provides a full-color touchscreen with a unique interface, offering constant temperature monitoring and control, multiple information logs as well as password protection. The data can be downloaded via a USB port.The Horizon Series’ interface features a microprocessor temperature controller with a built-in alarm. The controller features a LED digital temperature display, programmable high and low temperature alarms, manual alarm checks, and a programmable operating range. All models of pass through Pharmacy Refrigerators and pass through Blood Bank Refrigerators can be supplied with a variety of storage options and accessories, such as a 7-day chart recorder and internal dividers.