Slide Stainers
  • Independent staining chambers: 10
  • Gram staining programs: 6
  • Cross-contamination: Prevented (non- existent)
  • System: Compact, lightweight and autonomous
  • Reagents and waste consumption: Low
  • Maintenance required: Low
  • Data connectivity: USB port
  • Barcode reader: Included
  • System type: Closed
  • Cost savings: Reduction in operating cost and increased Gram staining yield due to the 10 independent chambers
  • Applications: Hospitals, Private laboratories, Research Laboratories, Manufacturing, Veterinary

These innovative, autonomous, compact, lightweight and automated slide strainers allow for the prevention of cross-contamination during gram staining due to the availability of 10 independent staining chambers. The independence and number of the chambers result in lower operating costs for the user, a higher gram staining yield and makes the system easier to clean. During the staining process the user may choose from a selection of 6 different gram programs, with the ability to save and trace the data through the integrated USB port. A barcode reader is included on the upper extremity of the plates and it’s protected against colouring. This machine can be used in different settings in the medical field including hospitals, private laboratories and research laboratories.