Water Baths
  • Capacity: 6 L, 7 L, 10 L, 11 L, 15 L, 22 L, 23 L, 24 L, 30 L
  • Temperature: 5 °C to 100 °C
  • Type: Bench top
  • Interior construction: Stainless steel
  • Exterior construction: Epoxy coated steel
  • Lid: Included
  • Display: Digital
  • Temperature alarm: Included

Our water baths are designed to deliver, through the use of heated water in the chamber, precise temperature control over a long period of time regardless of how the sample is loaded.These water baths can be used in Sample Thawing, Bacteriological Examinations, Warming Reagents, Coliform Determinations and Microbiological Assays.Available in capacities varying from 6 L to 30 L, the temperature inside the water bath be set from +/- 5 °C above ambient all the way up 100 °C. Our water baths are designed to achieve high-performance, accuracy in performance, safety, easy to use and maintain and most of all they are designed for durability.