Automatic Blood Component Extractors
  • Press: Single / Double, Electronic, Air compressor not required
  • Internal bag pressure: Adjustable from 50 to 600 mbar
  • Type of movement: Parallel level or inclined level system
  • Alarm types: Acoustic and visual
  • Programmable sealing clamps: 5
  • Weighing scales: 3 (vertical / lateral / main press)
  • Barcode reader: Optional
  • Sealing handgun with cable: Optional
  • External balance with tray: Optional
  • Data connectivity: LAN / USB port / WIFI
  • Programs of separation: 16
  • Interface: User friendly

The automatic Blood Component Extractor works with any conventional or T&B (Top & Bottom) bags. This cutting-edge automatic blood components extractor, will ensure the standardized blood component production, efficient workflow, safety for the operators and minimum waste.The automatic Blood Component Extractor operates with a user-friendly interface with 16 pre-loaded procedures. Equipped with five sealing clamps, RFID writer-reader and barcode reader. It is possible to select between the two versions, with single press or with double press, and in addition there are several options for computer connectivity. The color graphic Touchscreen, gives the user a powerful and redesigned, icon-based user-experience with an animated monitoring interface. The bicolor Clamps, allow through lights to guide the user to detect and address any warning. Adjustments to the flow control is managed through a dedicated clamp.The built-in and integrated Splash Guard and protected press area allow for the safety of the operator, with a high quality and durable glass press, that is easy to clean and maintain. The high sensitivity of the Hi-res optical sensors inside the main press, yield a precise and programmable buffy coat level. The ability to use RFID tags, with the 4 optional embedded antennas facilitate the reading and traceability of the information without requiring any operator involvement. We can achieve maximum flexibility with the 5 clamps, 4 scales, with the option of adding one additional scale and up to 2 presses.