Electronic Plasma Extractors
  • System: Compatible with different blood bag sizes
  • Type: Electric
  • Optical sensor: Included
  • Clamping unit: Included
  • Control electronics: Included
  • Automatic tube clamping: Stimulated by the appearance of the first RBC during the completion of the plasma transfer
  • Alarm: Audible and visual

The Semi-Automatic Plasma Extractor is equipped with an optical sensor, clamping unit and control electronics. It has user-adjustable RBC sensitivity, good reproducibility and is easy to use. With this electronic plasma extractor, the user can oversee and operate about 10 to 20 units at once.The unit permits great labour savings and consistency in the results as the electronic extractor automatically clamps the tubing when the first red cells appear at the end of plasma transfer. In addition, the electronic extractor gives audible and visual alarms to alert the operator when his involvement is needed.