Muffle Furnaces
  • Capacity: 2.9 L – 27 L
  • Temperature: 800ºC – 1200ºC
  • Type: Bench top
  • External construction: Epoxy coated steel
  • Internal structure: Ceramic Fiber chamber
  • Heating method: Maximum heat transfer from heating elements and thermal uniformity
  • Control system: Programmable digital PID control with a 3 patterns memory
  • Dual over temperature and maximum temperature cut-offs: Included
  • Door sensor: Included
  • Microprocessor control: Included
  • Over temperature protection control : Included
  • Applications: Ashing Organics, Heat Treating Tools And Ties, Heat Treating Glasses Or Melting Experiments
  • Ceramic shelf: Optional

The Muffle Furnaces Ovens are ideal for high temperature applications up to 1200 ºC such as ashing organics, heat treating tools and ties, heat treating glasses or melting experiments.The external body of the machine is made of epoxy coated steel while the interior and door are built of a ceramic fiber, designed to support heavy loads and extreme heat.The settings are adjustable through a programmable digital PID control with a 3 patterns memory. Our Muffle Furnace Ovens are equipped with a dual over temperature and maximum temperature cut-offs as well as door sensor, that ensure maximum safety for the samples.We are able to offer 3 types of Muffle Furnace Ovens, depending on the maximum temperature requirements, and on the chamber volume that you may require.