Platelet Agitators
  • Capacity: 15 BAGS, 48 BAGS, 96 BAGS
  • Type: Bench top
  • Interior construction: Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Exterior construction: Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Interior structure: Ventilated drawers + 1 Shelf
  • Motion alarm: Programmable
  • Agitation speed: 40-80 cycles / min
  • Monitoring system: for agitation (AgiTrak™)

The Pro Line platelet agitators assure ongoing gentle agitation for the platelets. These platelet agitators provide continuous side-to-side, horizontal motion for the safe storage of the platelets. The Delrin® rollers ensure that the drawer platforms glide and agitate smoothly, eliminating the need for ball bearings which wear down and squeak.The sturdy, one-piece perforated drawers with non-slip textured coating provides uniform air circulation, and ensures an optimal storage environment. The user may opt to use the Pro Line Agitators along with the Pro Line Platelet Incubators or as standalone instrument. The motion alarm is intended to advise the operator and to ensure that the platelets remain in continuous motion. The agitation speed can be varied to your requirements and to meet local regulations and requirements for any application.