Platelet Incubators
  • Capacity: 15 BAGS, 48 BAGS, 96 BAGS, 192 BAGS, 288 BAGS, 396 BAGS
  • Temperature range: 20 ºC to 35 ºC
  • Type: Bench top / Floor
  • Incubators with removable agitator(s): Capacity 15, 48, 96 bags (Purchase agitator separately) – Bench top
  • Incubators with removable agitator(s): Capacity 192, 288 bags (Purchase agitator separately) – Floor standing
  • Incubators with a built-in agitator: Capacity 396 bags – Floor standing
  • Interior construction: Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Exterior construction: Bacteria resistant powder coated
  • Door: Dual-pane, tempered glass door
  • System: Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling Technology
  • Data connectivity: USB port, Ethernet capable with API
  • Temperature chart recorder: Included
  • Battery backup: Included
  • Motion alarm: Programmable
  • Door lock: Key

The Platelet laboratory Incubators secure a continuously controlled temperature environment through the use of an advanced built-in monitoring system and a built-in chart recorder. The Pro Line Platelet Incubators provide advanced monitoring system and are powered by AdvanceCore™ technology, offer innovations in performance, reliability, monitoring and efficiency for optimized platelet storage.The superior temperature uniformity inside the chamber, through the forced-air refrigeration system and precision pulse heating, provides an optimal operating temperature range from +20 ºC to +35 ºC. The new Pro Line Platelet Incubators are designed to decrease the energy utilization to an 80 to 90 % compared with the traditional Platelet Incubators. All models are covered with bacteria-resistant powder coating and equipped with tempered glass doors with magnetic seal.The bench top models of the Pro Line Platelet Incubators (PC100-Pro, PC900-Pro, PC1200-Pro), require the compatible Pro Line Agitators to be purchased separately. The latter offer an efficient use of counter space with top mounted controls. Each of the three bench top models of Platelet Incubators can hold one platelet agitator inside the chamber.The floor models of the Platelet Incubators, that require a separate purchase of the Platelet Agitators, are models PC2200h and PC2200i, both requiring the additional purchase of 2 units of the PF96h or PF96i Platelet Agitators. As well, the Platelet Incubators PC3200h and PC3200i both require the additional purchase of 3 units of Platelet Agitators PF96h or PF96i. Lastly, the largest systems we can offer for Platelet Incubation and Agitation are the PC4200h and PC4200i models, both designed with built-in Platelet Agitators, and can accommodate up to 396 bags. All floor models offer eye level controls and alarms.