Biological Safety Cabinets Class I
  • Capacity: 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT, 6 FOOT
  • Filter type: HEPA (99.99% efficiency) / Lay-in Charcoal / Purafill / Charcoal
  • Type: Bench top / Floor Model
  • Inner work surface construction: Epoxy resin / Stainless steel
  • Base: Adjustable base stand with 4 casters
  • Protection: Personnel
  • Lighting: Fluorescent / LED
  • Window: Angled
  • Tempered glass windows: Included
  • Side windows: Included
  • Ducting: Optional

The Class I Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) provides personnel protection, but no product protection.The Class I Biological Safety Cabinet is designed for general microbiological research with low-risk and moderate-risk agents. While the work zone is typically much smaller than that of a chemical fume hood, the Class I BSC is geared to working with biological compounds with procedures that involve the moderate presence of volatile liquids, and that is not suitable for recirculating cabinets.The Biological Safety Cabinet Class I can be used to hold, inside its chamber, other equipment, such as centrifuges, harvesting equipment, balances, and small fermenters. It is highly useful to be used during procedures such as cage dumping, aerating cultures or homogenizing tissues, all of which have a high potential to generate aerosols.While we can custom build any size cabinets to meet your needs, the available sizes we can offer are 3 foot, 4 foot, and 6 foot.