Laminar Airflow Hoods
  • Capacity: 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT, 5 FOOT, 6 FOOT
  • Filter type: HEPA (99.99% efficiency) / ULPA (99.9995% efficiency)
  • Type: Bench top / Floor Model
  • Air circulation: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Inner work surface construction: Epoxy resin / Stainless steel
  • Base: Adjustable base stand with 4 casters
  • Protection: Product
  • Lighting: Fluorescent / UV light
  • Hepex zero leak air flow system: Optional

Laminar Airflow Hoods provide a HEPA filtered, and if customized they can also provide an ULPA filtered clean air environment when working on applications that require protection from outside harmful contaminants. The Laminar Airflow Hoods mainly provide product protection, and depending on your application, you can select the type of air circulation either vertical or horizontal as required. No ducting is required to the outside of the building. Horizontal airflow hoods will circulate the filtered air from the back of the chamber to the front, while the vertical airflow hoods will circulate the filtered air from the top of the chamber towards the bottom. Ceiling mounted airflow hoods, are normally used for air re-circulation purposes within a given space. The units can be customized for your utmost functionality and ergonomy. While we can custom build any size cabinets to meet your needs, the available sizes we can offer are 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot.