Biological Safety Cabinets Class II
  • Capacity: 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT, 5 FOOT, 6 FOOT
  • Filter type : HEPA (99.99% efficiency) / ULPA (99.9995% efficiency)
  • Types: A2 / B2
  • Air circulation type A2: 30% Exhaust, 70% Recirculated, no external ducting required
  • Air circulation type B2: 100% Exhaust, external ducting required
  • Type: Bench top / Floor Model
  • Inner work surface construction: Stainless steel
  • Exterior construction: Polypropylene (Optional)
  • Base: Adjustable base stand with 4 casters
  • Protection: Environment, Personnel and Product
  • Lighting: Fluorescent / LED / UV light
  • Window: Angled / Sliding
  • Hepex zero leak air flow system: Optional
  • Arm rest: Optional

The Class II Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) provides protection for the product, personnel and environment all at once, protection is intended from a biological point of view.The main difference between the various types Class II Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is in the amount of air that is re-circulated within the cabinet.

We offer high quality Class II Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) - Type A2, which have 70% recirculated, 30 % exhausted, and does not require any external ducting to the outside of the building, and Class II Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) - Type B2, alternatively are 100 % exhausted, and do require external ducting to the outside of the building.

You can customize your Class II Biosafety Cabinet (BSC), with many accessories, to optimize your work and for optimal efficiency and ergonomy. While we can custom build any size cabinets to meet your needs, the available sizes we can offer are 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot.