Chemistry Analyzers
  • Specification: Random access, clinical chemistry analyser
  • Samples: 24 sample positions per sample ring for patient, calibrator, or QC samples
  • Sample Size: Photometric Chemistries: 2.0–25.0 μL, ISE Chemistries - serum: 80–90 μL, Urine: 140 μL
  • Analysis type: Endpoint, enzymatic, rate, bichromatic, potentiometric, enzyme immunoassay (EIA), turbidometric immunoassay (TIA)
  • Throughput:
    • 300 tests/hour, 240 ISE test/hour (4 ions)
    • Patient results per hour: Photometric up to 240 tests/hour
    • Patient results per hour: Photometric with ISE up to 480 tests/hour
    • STAT time: 8 minutes (Na+/K+/Cl-/CO2/BUN/CREA)
  • Reagents: 24 positions, RFID identification
  • Routine maintenance: Limited
  • Computer: Required
  • System type: Semi-open
  • Data connectivity: RS-232 computer interface port / USB port
  • Barcode reader: Optional
  • ISE Module: Optional

Our fully automated EASY-RA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer will accommodates the diverse needs of small laboratories.
Our EASY-RA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is quickly operational and ready to run samples and its user friendly displays clearly signal the progress of a run and easily allow changes. It offers unprecedented access to all replaceable components while its ergonomic design makes maintenance quick and easy.