Electrolyte-blood Gas Analyzers
  • Parameters: pH / PCO2 / PO2 / Na / K / Ca / Cl
  • Sample Type: Whole blood
  • Sample Size: 120 μL Syringe, 95 μL Capillary
  • Display: Digital
  • Patient’s parameters: FIO2 / Hb
  • Simple user interface: Unique electrode design
  • Routine maintenance: Limited
  • Reagent module: Contains liquid calibrants
  • Savings: Low cost per sample
  • System type: Closed
  • Calibration: Automatic / On demand
  • Data connectivity: RS-232 computer interface port
  • Barcode reader: Optional

The EasyStat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer delivers the precision and performance while focusing on the laboratory’s need to deliver sample results economically and efficiently.
Our Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer components are combined into simple modules that are easily accessible for your ergonomic use and cleaning.
In addition, simple menus of the Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer will guide you through the through analyzer operation. Its compact format and modular design significantly reduces maintenance and space requirements.