Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Parameters: Na / K / Ca / Cl / Li / pH
  • Sample Type: Whole blood
  • Sample Size: 100 μL Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, 60 μL capillary or 400 μL diluted (1:10) Urine
  • Display: Digital
  • Simple user interface: Unique electrode design
  • Routine maintenance: Limited
  • Reagent module: Contains liquid calibrants
  • Savings: Low cost per sample
  • System type: Closed
  • Calibration: Automatic / On demand
  • Data connectivity: RS-232 computer interface port
  • Barcode reader: Optional

The Electrolyte Analyzer comes with 2 to 4 parameters, and can be customized to operate in over 20 languages, with the easy YES / NO buttons design.

Our Electrolyte Analyzer are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-size laboratories and are characterized by simple maintenance, fast results, and a low cost per sample.

Incorporating the latest technology our Electrolyte Analyzers will improve your lab productivity, while delivering sample results economically.

The available configurations are: