Ductless Fumehoods
  • Capacity: 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT
  • Filter type: HEPA (99.99% efficiency) / Carbon filters
  • Type: Floor model
  • Inner work surface construction: Polypropylene / Phenolic laminate
  • Exterior construction: Epoxy powder coated steel / Welded white polypropylene cabinet structure
  • Protection: Personnel and environment
  • Air circulation type: Exhaust
  • Display: Digital
  • Microprocessor control: Included
  • Lighting: LED
  • Vertical sliding window: Included
  • Tempered glass windows: Included

The ductless Fumehoods, are designed mainly for universities and research laboratories, to protect both the users and the environment from contamination when working with chemicals or any substance that may release toxic particles into the air. The air is drawn in from the front opening of the cabinet, and filtered to be made safe before circulating it back into the room. The ductless fumehoods are designed to protect both, the users and the environment, namely from hazardous vapours, toxic gases, heat, and any particulates generated inside the work surface. Depending on the application, you can determine what type of filtration is necessary before the air is re-circulated into the room. The filtration can be through a HEPA filter or Carbon filter.Available sizes: 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT (Custom sizes can be built on request)