General Purpose Fumehoods
  • Capacity: 2 FOOT, 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT, 5 FOOT, 6 FOOT, 7 FOOT, 8 FOOT
  • Type: Bench top / Floor model
  • Interior structure: Coated with HPL for durability and easy cleaning
  • Exterior construction: White polypropylene / Epoxy powder coated steel
  • Work surface: Ceramic
  • Protection: Personnel, product, and environmental
  • Laminar airflow: Horizontal / Vertical
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Microprocessor control: Included
  • Vertical sliding window: Included
  • Tempered glass windows: Included
  • Lighting: Fluorescent / LED
  • Polypropylene lower base cabinet: Included
  • Motion control sensors: Included
  • Water tap/ gas tap / vacuum tap/ sink: Optional
  • VAV control system: Optional

These general purpose Fumehoods are available in vertical or horizontal laminar flow versions, depending on your needs. The air is drawn in from the front opening of the cabinet, and filtered to be made safe before circulating it back into the room. The general purpose fumehoods are designed to protect both, the users and the environment, namely from hazardous vapours, toxic gases, heat, and any particulates generated inside the work surface.While both the vertical and horizontal laminar airflow fumehoods offer personnel, and environmental protection, they do also provide product protection as well.We can also offer Polypropylene Fumehoods, constructed primarily from fully seam-welded white polypropylene for more demanding and high corrosive applications, with the option of By-Pass models. Available sizes: 2 FOOT, 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT, 5 FOOT, 6 FOOT, 7 FOOT, 8 FOOT (Custom sizes can be built on request)