PCR Workstations
  • Capacity: 2 FOOT, 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT
  • Filter type: HEPA (99.99% efficiency)
  • Type: Bench top / Floor model
  • Inner work surface construction: Phenolic laminate
  • Cabinet construction: Epoxy powder coated steel / White polypropylene
  • Interior structure: Built-in polypropylene worktop
  • Protection: Product
  • Air circulation type: Vertical laminar airflow
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Microprocessor control: Included
  • Tempered glass windows: Included
  • Lighting: LED / UV Light

The PCR workstations are the ideal sterile work space, enclosed on three sides, it is designed with a high quality filtering system to protect from contamination during sensitive PCR amplification and manipulation of DNA or RNA. The PCR workstations are needed in your molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and forensic sciences laboratories, where cross contamination between samples cannot occur. In addition to the option of adding UV lighting for sterilization, the units are built to achieve energy savings. We offer the option of having PCR workstations built from high-quality non-corrosive polypropylene, which guarantee a high level of chemical resistance, increasing the product’s tensile strength and improves its thermal characteristics. The ergonomic design and use of premium materials makes this a great addition for your lab. Different models are available from floor to bench top models with the option of adding a base stand. Available sizes: 2 FOOT, 3 FOOT, 4 FOOT (Custom sizes can be built on request).