Gravimetric Diluters
  • Dispensing: 225 ml in 12 seconds (9 seconds in turbo mode for DILUWEL), 3750 ml in 36 seconds (DILUWEL XL)
  • Accuracy: > 99%
  • Dilution factor: 1.00 to 1/100.00
  • Weighing range: 0.1 to 4000g (DILUWEL) / 0.1 to 5000g (DILUWEL XL)
  • Editable programs: 20 (DILUWEL) / unlimited (DILUWEL XL)
  • Display: Interactive with colour codes / 7IN. Touchpad (DILUWEL XL)
  • Dispensing nozzle: motorized
  • Bubble level: Integrated
  • Data connectivity: Ethernet cable / USB port / Wi-Fi
  • Pumps: up to 4 separated pumps (DILUWEL) / up to 2 remote pumps (DILUWEL XL)

DILUWEL and DILUWEL XL Gravimetric dilutors allow you to combine solid samples with an accurate amount of diluent.

With a distribution precision greater than 99%, you can add 225 ml of diluent in 12 seconds using DILUWEL, and 3750g in 36 seconds with DILUWEL XL.

DILUWEL’s lightweight design makes it easy to transport around the lab and comes equipped with 1 pump as standard and can handle 3 extra pumps.

DILUWEL XL’s design is robust and user-friendly and has two configurations: landscape and portrait modes. It allows for easier integration and its variety of holders makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications (bags, bottles, flasks, etc.).

Both Gravimetric dilutors have a watertight construction that makes them easy to clean.

Traceability of cycles, daily checks, and metrology is achieved through USB or WiFi and Ethernet connections to your PC or smartphone.