Laboratory Blenders
  • Capacity: 50 ml to 400 ml
  • Pendular blending power: Up to 70 kg per paddle
  • Low vibration
  • Removable door / paddles
  • Adjustable paddles to the matrix: 3 positions
  • Waste tank: integrated
  • Progressive blending adapted to the matrix: included (MIXWEL +)
  • Adjustable speed: included (MIXWEL +)

The MIXWEL laboratory blender is a powerful homogeniser that allows bacteria and other microorganisms to be expelled from a solid sample and circulated to the solution using pressure and agitation.

This stomacher has a patented pendulum mixing system that provides phenomenal power and efficiency. The mixture can be adjusted to fit the sample matrix.

The MIXWEL laboratory blender device has an extreme compactness (in comparison with other laboratory mixers) and occupies minimal bench space. In addition, it is vibration-free and does not generate additional background noise in the laboratory.

The laboratory blender is lightweight, easy to clean with removable paddles and doors, and its door includes a waste tank to help catch spillages.