Media Pourer-stackers
  • Capacity: 440 Petri dishes
  • Petri dish size: 90 mm
  • Performance: Loads up to 880 petri dishes per hour
  • Distribution speed: 30 to 300 RPM
  • Fast plate cooling: Built-in Peltier effect
  • Type: Bench top
  • Display: Digital LCD screen
  • Protection: UV light and Plexiglas cover
  • Integrated masterflex peristaltic pump: Included
  • Data connectivity: Ethernet cable / USB port / WIFI
  • Program storage: 40
  • Additional Peristaltic Pump: Optional
  • Laser printer for petri dishes: Optional

The Distriwel 440, is an automated pourer stacker, in other words it is a Petri dish filler and stacking station. It has the capacity to fill up to 440 plates with a volume of 15ml each within 30 min, operating completely autonomously. Designed with a built-in Peltier cooler, it prevents condensation inside the petri dish and accelerates the solidification time, this allows for the consistent quality of filled petri dishes, with consistency and repeatability.The work area is kept sterilized with the built-in UV lamp, and Plexiglas protective cover, which protect from contamination during the automated filling (pouring) cycle.The easy-to-disassemble and easy-to-assemble, detachable carousel and removable transfer plate make the units very easy to take apart for cleaning, and to place back, without missing areas that are hard to reach.The DISTRIWEL 440 does allow the option of installing a specialized Continuous Inkjet Printer which will allow you to print 2 lines of text on the outer side of each Petri dish.The machine automatically detects incomplete or incorrectly positioned plates.