Tube Filler
  • Distribution volume: 1 to 9999.9 mL
  • Tubes per hour: 1000 Tubes
  • Speed: Adjustable
  • Program storage: 20
  • Racks: Autoclavable
  • USB Port with user manual and quality report: Included
  • Applications: Food and Contract Labs
  • Possible containers: Tubes, Bottles, Petri Dishes and Square Dishes

Our POLYWEL is an Automated Tube and Bottle Filler. Our tube filler is a unique, rapid, and versatile instrument for laboratories which allows the distribution of media, diluents, and other liquids in different containers, from 1 to 9999.9 ml. It is also known as an XYZ system as the tube filler move in length, width and height aka 3D driven, making it flexible and adaptable to different containers.

For the ultimate functioning of our Automated Tube and Bottle Filler, autoclavable racks are required to hold the tubes or bottles. Additional peristaltic pumps can be added depending on your requirements.  

This automated filler has several applications such as food and contract labs and scientific research.